Addressing Stereotypes: Gender Neutral Equals Big & Baggy

Existing gender neutral and unisex kids clothing has one glaring commonality: oversized and loose-fitting designs. Hoodies and joggers are aplenty in gender neutral fashion and some might say that the options available are misogynistic. The unisex movement, for the most part, has offered clothing that err on the masculine end of the spectrum of fashion, thus pushing femininity to the side. This decision by retailers to avoid marketing feminine style pushes the notion that only masculine clothing is worth being worn by both genders. If we truly want to be progressive and inclusive, we need to include items from the entire gender spectrum. 

We want to rise up to this challenge and celebrate femininity in gender neutral kids fashion. We will offer kids clothes with a POLISHED fit—not too fitted, but not too boxy. We want to be devoid of any unnecessary frills or extra fabric so that the clothes are functional-safe to play in. The clothing will still take on a relaxed style, but it will have some details and color combinations that aren’t as commonly seen in gender neutral styles. It may take some getting used to, but that’s necessary when you’re shattering norms.

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