Fashion can Advocate for Social Change

Clothing isn't always just clothing; fashion and activism are intertwined. Probably more than any other daily act we engage in, clothes are how we convey our identity to the world. What one wears, how one wears it and when one wears it constitutes expressions of degrees of social freedoms and influences. For that reason, fashion is important and can be used in radical, subversive ways.

Going back to the 1850s’ women’s movement, it was one of the most important time periods in which fashion stood as a political statement. Women's rights advocates took the issue of dress reform and the bloomer more specifically as part of their agenda to promote women's rights and equality. And there's a long history of gender lines being blurred in clothing as a way to demonstrate equality of the sexes or freedom from sexual roles. 

Today, we are in the midst of another cultural movement. For us at Hello Society, advancing gender equality feels especially vital during this turbulent time. The pandemic has caused a regression in gender roles with many women shouldering the caregiving responsibilities. And the issue of gender equality is deep-seated - really taking hold from the day a child enters this world. Thus, the idea of Hello Society was born. We believe in the impact of advocating for social change via fashion. Our vision is to design beautiful and inclusive kids apparel without confinement to gender-specific colors and styles. Together, we can enable kids to be who they are, so that their fashion choices are driven by their own true essence and free spirit, beyond stereotypes or any norm. As consumers, what messages do you want to send with your clothes and spending power? 

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