Free of Gender Specific Graphics and Words

When my daughter was born, I loved picking out clothes for her. One day, while we were shopping at Target, my husband voiced that he wanted to pick out something for her. After considering his options in the girls’ section, he returned with a onesie from the boys’ section that said “Strong Like Dad.” 

That was the first time I realized the problematic messages about gender that were splashed on baby and kids clothes. Why is it that boys are strong like dad and girls are pretty like mama? The issue with gender-specific graphics and messages on kids clothes is that they are reinforcing harmful stereotypes. They’re telling society which qualities are deemed masculine or feminine. However, I want my kids to be seen and treated like the little bundle of potential that they are, regardless of their gender. That’s why at Hello Society we will only include empowering and non-gender confining slogans.


Janice Yu-Moran, Founder of Hello Society Kids

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